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COVID-19 and the Event am Meer 2020

Dear attendees of the Event am Meer 2020,

the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 has huge impact on events in Germany, Europe, and the whole world. Upcoming Mega events in the near future have been cancelled or postponed, and also we as the Event am Meer orga team are intensively discussing the topic. Therefore we decided to inform you about the current situation with regard to our event:

To flatten the curve of SARS-CoV-2 infections, the public life has been minimized to a level of essential needs. We all are facing a completely new, unknown situation. We hope, everybody is aware of the responsibility to take care of yourselves and your social environment to get the pandemic under control in the best possible way.

Right now, events and gatherings in Bremerhaven are cancelled until mid of April. From that, there are again 7 weeks until the Event am Meer will take place. Therefore, we expect that our Mega Event in Bremerhaven will go ahead as expected on 6.6.2020, if there are no restrictions from the authorities regarding the public health and travel restrictions.

In the background we are planning with the “worst case scenario”, to be well-prepared if the cancellations will continue until June. We will keep you informed in case of updates via announcements and on

Stay well and take care!

You Event am Meer orga team

Update: 23.03.2020: We’ve postponed the Event am Meer 2020 to 5th September 2020. Please find additional information here.