Sven cachend in den USA

HQ Lackey visits us!

Good news from the Headquarters! Our “Event am Meer” on 06-06-2020 in Bremerhaven will be visited again by a Lackey from the Geocaching HQ in Seattle, USA.

Sven a.k.a. Bl4ckH4wkGER is born in Germany (Brunswick area), but works at the HQ in Seattle since June 2017. His title is “Community Volunteer Support Lead”, he leads the team that takes care of Geocaching’s voluntary supporters worldwide.

Sven loves to search for geocaches, preferred ammo cans, in the mountains with expanding tours and hikes along unpaved tracks.

He also found some Geocaches in Germany, for example on top of Brocken at 1142m.

We are very happy about this announcement. Sven will be in Bremerhaven during the whole weekend, don’t hesitate to have a chat with him 🙂

Update: 23.03.2020: We’ve postponed the Mega event to 5th September 2020, therefore it’s not sure if Sven will visit us then. We’ll keep you updated!